Lorraine Kamesha

Founder of Infinity Social Media

HEALTH Track 2
1:30 pm
2:30 pm

Working Moms Make It Work!

Is balance attainable? Learn how to build a beautiful life and successful business/career at the same time!  

Lorraine is a single mother of twin daughters who like to shop, stamp their passports, and participate in after school activities like gymnastics, dance, and drama club. She runs her own strategy business and desires to help her clients make more money while having the freedom to enjoy their lives like she does!

Lorraine Kamesha is the viral social strategist that ALL "mompreneurs" need when they desire to make more money while having the freedom, they need to be present for their families and enjoy life. As a mother of 3 girls ages 10, 10, and 9 months, her zone of genius is showing "mompreneurs" owners how to leverage the power of social media to bring more leads and sales in their businesses. She has a reputation for helping her audience secure the bag by building profitable systems that allow them to collect their coins 24/7/365.

When Lorraine isn’t homeschooling her twin daughters, spending time with her new baby, or focused on her health and fitness goals, you can find her going viral on TikTok and Reels.

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